Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Pups


Michelle said...

They both are quite cute!

jeffrey thurston said...

Beautiful little dogs! I know you might disagree but I think a largish head with a mouth full of sharp teeth is almost as important as a small chest- otherwise miniature poodles could do terrier work. Also that terrier doggedness in pursuit- I see that clearly when I'm out and about with my two JRTs- they are consumed by prey drive compared to other mutts... Again- congrats on the fine looking little terriers.

Mary Pang said...

Misto looks male and moxie looks female. Is that because they're male and female, or just how they turned out?

PBurns said...

A little of both.

Moxie is a very small, female JRTCA- style Jack Russell.

With dogs, females are about 15% smaller than males in general, but with long thin legs, every JRTCA dog will look more gazelle-like than Misto's type. Moxie has a female head, and her jaw is much lighter than you might find on a dog 3-4 pounds heavier (ie. with 35 percent more weight).

Misto is what some would call an "old school" Jack Russell and others might call a "shorty" or a Russell Terrier. He's a Jack Russell, same as Moxie, which is a dog defined by what he does, but he has shorter legs (and thicker!) and a much more massive head with teeth to match and shoulders to support the head. Though he is about 3/4 of an inch shorter than Moxie, he weighs 35% more -- a dog that will be able to get into a small space and really grip and pull when that is needed.