Monday, March 30, 2015

Old Shep, the Drone

The work of  sheep dogs , terriers, cadaver, search and rescue, man-stopper, guide, and sled dogs will one day be replaced by robot and drone.

Before it's all over, even the pet dog may end up being just a bit of code and terrycloth.


Gaddy Bergmann said...

That's cool that drones can do jobs dogs used to do and all, but I for one would never be interested in a "pet robot." A companion must be a living, breathing fellow creature, and there's none better for that role than Man's Best Friend.

Mary Pang said...

I wonder how it would cope on the welsh hills in snow and rain.

seeker said...

They used to say that horses would all be replaced with cars, trucks and tractors. Yet, horsepeople are still all over the place.
I think that pets will always be alive and loving us.
The good thing is no animal will be put at risk during war, search and rescue and overwork by people.
Its a win/loss situation. Win for them and loss for us.

Debi and the JackRatPack