Friday, March 27, 2015

Daily Carry: It's In the Bag

My Daily Carry.  

My keys (car, bike lock, house, office, parents house, utili-key, fob for car autolock, fob for office garage, dog tag with ID info). All of this goes on a long tough lanyard left over from a  conference -- making the keys both an instant weapon and a bit harder to lose. It's been 15 years since I lost my keys.

I generally have at least one book with me. Here there are two. I swear I am actually trying to actually read them, but time...

My wallet, which includes credit card, business cards, a few dollars cash, some receipts, AAA, health insurance, and other service and membership cards.

A small zip micro bag which contains a few 4X5 cards, several plug-in cords for electronics (I am on a permanent quest for electric power). a pen,
several safety pins, and a small knife tool (Gerber Curve) with bottle opener, screw driver, etc. On the other side of the micro bag is an extra AA battery wrapped in thread with two needles slipped in, a wall-wart charging block, a small flashlight (with batteries turned around so it cannot be drained accidentally), a lighter, and a #8 Opinel knife with locking blade.

The big bag itself is a Patagonia Minimass. I bought two for family members for Christmas about 16 months ago, and I bought this one for myself three months ago to replace an ancient (and smaller) canvas map bag. Lots of useful pockets in this bag, and it's very light and strong. On the shoulder strap is a terrier dog collar with slide dog tag for ID purposes, and also a carabiner.  I am always ready to rodeo a stray dog.

My Kindle. This is my television set (mostly Netflix and Amazon these days), and my electronic book depository (lots of books on there that I have not yet read). It is a back up email and web surfing system, as well as a backup music box.

The pocket organizer (aka "pocket briefcase"), with pen on top, holds 4X5 cards and is very useful. I have carried these for 30 years.

Moleskin blank book.
 Useful to draw out things, and to keep my spatial senses clicking.
Ball for the dogs, and a roll of plastic poop bags.

My Iphone is my camera, my email, my phone and messaging system (office and home), my Facebook connection, my picture storage and editing system, my stereo, my turn-by-turn direction and mapping software, my automated research assistant, my dictation secretary, and my voice activated source of answers for the 101 questions that I have every day.

A USB memory stick on lanyard.

A small case with head phonesand a small bag with even more head phones.

A Jackery external battery to power either my iPhone or Kindle.

Another bag with another wall wart and more power cables for iPhone and Kindle.

Going through this, I realize I have a lot of electrical cords for power and sound. My electronic gadgets are not just redundant; they also come with a backup power source. This is necessary for the life I have and want (they are the same thing), but perhaps not for yours.

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