Friday, February 22, 2008

Put Hillary Away For Good: Click Here

The next 11 days will be the most crucial of the campaign to date. If Obama can compete favorably in Texas and Ohio, he will probably get the Democratic nomination.

Obama getting the Democratic nomination is good for the nation no matter who wins in November.

If Obama wins in both states, it’s all over for Hillary.

In fact, if Obama wins in just one state, it's probably over for Hillary.

The good new is that Obama is on the move in both Texas and Ohio. But time is short, and he still has a way to go. The Texas and Ohio primaries are only 11 days away.

Because Texas and Ohio are so big, a lot is dependent on the advertising buy in those states.

Whenever voters have been educated about Obama, his numbers have only soared. That is why your donation is especially critical at this point in the election cycle -- so the Obama campaign can get out the word and put Hillary to bed once and for all.

If you have any intention of contributing more to support Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy, now is the time to do it. Please give as generously as you can by joining with me in making a donating to the Obama campaign.

Check out how far we have come already by simply going to this web site and dragging your cursor across any state to see the latest polling data and election results >> .

Like that link? Then say "thanks" by making a donation (any amount is fine) to the cause of getting the best candidates competing in November. Who knew truth to suffer in a free and open fight?

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