Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dog Car Circa 1932

The folks over at Pet Connection have an entire web site on Dog Cars, but they are missing this wonderful prototype dog car (above) from 1932.

This article is from the December 1932 edition of Modern Mechanix magazine (cover to the right).

Of course, not everyone is wealthy enough to be able to afford a dedicated car for the dogs, so a low cost option was suggested in the June 1936 edition of Popular Mechanics: a dog sack.

This idea is not too different from a terrierman's bag hung from the side of a horse, eh? Except, of course, that the dog would be hit in the head with gravel at 60 miles per hour in a car, would fall under the wheels of the car if any part of this device came undone, was completely unprotected from other dogs at stop lights, and was unsheltered from the wind and rain ....

Otherwise a marvelous idea.

For the record, the best overall "dog car" for 2007 was deemed to be the Honda Element. For other contenders in 2007 >> click here.

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Gina Spadafori said...

Thanks for my laugh for the day.

I actually have seen a car like that shown at work. One of the hunting plantation owners in the Red Hills between Thomasville, GA., and Tallahassee, FL., had one. I don't remember now if the picture was at the Thomasville museum or at whatever plantation it was, but I remember the vehicle well.