Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digging on Sunday

A nice sette inside an old tree. The den goes down into the dirt right at the center. Nothing home this time, but we will return.

Went digging on Sunday, but there's not much of a story. Mountain and I found and dug on two small groundhogs (this year's crop) in very hot weather, and then broke off at noon as the temperature climbed past 90 degrees.

I met the land owner on this new place -- a very nice lady who grew up on the farm and is interested in putting it all in Switchgrass if a bio-fuels market can be found for that. Her interest is in making the farm environmentally "green". Right now it's in a regular corn and soybean rotation which is tried and true, but uses a fair amount of fertilizer.

Mountain and I busted a couple of deer out of the hedge, saw a bunch of baby ducks, and found a few shattered duck eggs as well.

The area along the creek had been tall with weeds last week, but had been bush-hogged the day before we arrived. A 1,000 pound mower scalping a hole tends to make for less critters for a few days. No worries -- there are tons of holes, and grass grows back fast. We will return.


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