Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Penn & Teller on PETA

Here's a very nice piece from Penn & Teller
about PETA. This piece is from their very serious TV show, which is entitled "Bullshit."

As you might already have guessed, there might be a little profanity in the presentation, but in fact this is a straight-ahead piece on what PETA is really about. I posted snippets from Penn & Teller a few years back which can be read >> HERE.

This video clip make take a while to download, even with cable or T1-1 or T-2 line, but it's well worth it. Enjoy!

Consider circulating this URL to appropriate list-servs; this is a pretty good (and shocking) case statement of what PETA is really about, and why it's fundamentally defective thinking. Let's face it, not everyone reads anymore.


Anonymous said...

As long as Hollywood types and the media keep glorifying PETA and ignoring what they really stand for, they will continue to be a threat to humans and animals.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

1st link at the end of the post is broken -- has some extra stuff in it.