Friday, September 02, 2022

Knocked Up Is Knocked Down

This is one of the most amazing graphs you will ever see. Look at it, carefully.

What it shows is that women who stay single and don’t have kids are getting richer, why unmarried women with children are quickly and seriously impoverished. 

What's this mean in an era of forced pregnancy, where abortion is illegal and contraceptive restrictions are on the horizon? 

And what does this have to do with dogs? More than you might imagine.

1 comment: said...

Thank you for making this point. It was NEVER about life, it has always been about controlling women and keeping them from enjoying the same economic opportunities. It's no coincidence that now that women are attending and graduating from college in higher numbers than men, and earning more post grad degrees, rich white men are feeling more threatened than ever. This is their predictable response. 'Barefoot and pregnant' was never about the babies, it was always about controlling women. Alito's brief on overturning Roe just dripped with misogyny and incredibly inaccurate historical references which were all in line with his Catholicism, of course.