Saturday, January 09, 2021

I Found the Painted Bunting

I found the now internationally famous Painted Bunting on the C&O Canal near where I often bike. I was a bit bit amazed to find a single bird in a vast area, but once I knew where it was seen, I just went to the general area and looked for folks with massive telephoto lenses. The plan worked!

My camera and lens is a fixed (and hand held) point-and-shoot Nikon P90, so the quality is less than the folks with the $20,000 camera set ups, but proof of life was found.


Jo Mercer said...

Wow! I only saw one as a flash in the trees several years ago in southern Missouri's remote Ozarks. This one sure seems to like the attention. said...

I would be so thrilled to see one in the wild! I think buntings are in the family of finches, defined by beak shape for their food source. In your pics you can see him eating spent seed pods off of what looks like bittersweet vine. That's what finches eat up here in the northeast US all winter long.

kelly said...

I am Sooooooo jealous!! Great photos! - Love your blog