Friday, November 23, 2018

How to Make Big Buck$$ In Puppy Mills

I’m packing up books for a move, and I am coming across a few novelties lost in my stacks. This book, by veterinarian, eugenicist, Hitler correspondent, and proponent of mass sterilization of 10 million Americans, was Leon F. Whitney’s book encouraging folks to make big buck$$$$ in the dog breeding and dog food business. Let’s have more puppy mills. When the AKC wrote it’s own history, they made sure Whitney got his own laudatory chapter.

And how do you make money with a puppy mill?
According to the great AKC hero Leon F. Whitney, you raised them in crowded pens and on wire so their feces fell through, while putting as little money as possible into food.

Walking and training the dogs? Bathing them? All that cuts into profits.

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channeledbymodem said...

Given our mutual high regard for Cesar Millan, it is disconcerting that he has frequently mentioned Whitney's "Dog Psychology" as a template for his approach. Just saying.