Friday, June 01, 2018

This Fox Lives on the Internet with a Message

Rudyard Kipling wrote that even in his day vehicle slaughter was the true blood sport of England, but it’s the same all over.

I took this picture on I-270 in Maryland on the way out to the farms. 

Drive a little slower.  Watch for wildlife.  The life you save may even be your own.


Anonymous said...

Still driving the same route every morning, just as last year. The less than a mile long strip that claimed at least one fox for every month of the year last year has had only two* victims so far in 2018.

* off course, only the ones I see. My routine is always the same. Same route, same time of day.

Last year I'd see multiple live foxes every day on my drive to work. This year I see hardly any. And there are only very few fox kits around in quite a large area (40 miles east-west and south-north)

Also fewer deer.

Lisa said...

Loving your "color splashed" photos, Terrierman.

I downloaded the app yesterday & experimented on a pic of my hound, I'm really digging it. Would attach my pic but the comments don't seem to allow it.

Thanks for the recommendation.