Friday, May 11, 2018

An Old Picture From a Photo Album

My mother owns this Harry Potter-looking photo album, which came from her mother's side of the family. This

In the picture below is my great grandfather Ingvald Andreas Fischer and his wife Emma, with their three kids: Ray, Buddy, and my grandmother (the baby) Esther.

Esther Fischer married Robert Edgar Dunlop of Augusta and Longton, Kansas and they had my mom, Sandra Dunlop Burns, who in turn married my father, David Mitchell Burns of Pineville, Kentucky. They, in turn, had two sons, David and myself.

Ingvald Andreas Fischer was born in Norway.  His Baptism and Birth record (born November 5, 1867) from Fet Church, Akershus, Norway is appended below. He may never have seen these records himself -- they come from a very digitized and modern Norway.

Ingvald Andreas Fischer died April 10, 1949 at the age of 81 in Cass County, North Dakota (i.e. Fargo). 

He is buried in the Halstad Lutheran South Cemetery in Halstad, Norman County, Minnesota, which is just a short distance north of Fargo. A picture of his pink granite gravestone can be seen below.

Halstad, Minnesota is right on the border between Minnesota and North Dakota, and the town had a population of 597 in the 2010 Census. The township was founded in 1879, and was named for Ole Halstad, a pioneer farmer from Norway. The city was platted in 1883, and incorporated as a village on February 13, 1893. The town's motto today: "The way rural America is supposed to be."

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LRM said...

I love this sort of thing! Fascinating, really marvelous. I wish I had this amount of information about my family. Ancestral research is my brother’s area, but regrettably, he lacks your skill and attention to detail.