Thursday, May 21, 2015


This is my grandfather, Ed Dunlop of Augusta and Longton, Kansas with his hunting dog, Duke.

My grandfather again, this time with an earlier dog by the name of Joker. Apparently you wore a tie when you went hunting back then, and boots that laced to your knees. I can't say Joker was conformationally correct. In fact, he looks a bit like a bag of walnuts!

This is my grandfather, wearing a white skimmer hat, white pants, and riding a horse with my mother at the front of the saddle. This would have been on the farm in Longton, Kansas in the late 1930s.


4th Grade Teachers said...

Hey there! This is from your second cousin Martha. Your blog is cool and it's fun to see Ed and your mom at the old farmhouse.

PBurns said...

An interesting bit here that you might be interested in. Barack Obama's mom was living 6 blocks away, attended the same church, and his grandfather worked at the refinery!