Friday, March 09, 2018

Close Encounters of the Feline Kind

On March 1, 2018, Adam Bartsch was out on a walk looking for shed antlers and setting trail cameras along the Campbell River in British Columbia, Canada, when he looked up to see he was being watched by a very large male Mountain Lion who was no more than 20 meters away. Bartsch attempted to scare the cougar away 3 times and, after the third attempt, the big cat left and Bartsch was able to walk out out of the area without incident. "No Mountain Lions were harmed in the making of this movie."

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TEC said...

Mr. Bartsch is a brave guy. I want to think that he has dealt with cougars before, but perhaps not quite so close. The cat had the look of stalking in its eye and demeanor. That kind of thing, and two legged predators, are two reasons I carry a small calibre pistol when alone in the outdoors far away from help. It might serve to put some fear in one, or if need be, do a little damage at close range. Coincidentally, the below story about the largest cougar tagged in Washington just appeared in our paper. 197 lbs, and about 6 feet if standing upright. Required two darts to tranquilize it. Treed by hounds just 30 miles north of me at Chewelah, WA. See: