Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Schrödinger's Terrier

I have good news and bad new about your terrier Mr. Schrödinger.

I get good news and bad news from time to time.

The bad news is that a friend's 8-year old terrier is very sick due to poisoning from a Trifexis flea and worm pill which has lead to the start of liver failure. The dog may yet come out of it (the kidneys are still working), but I have warned folks about this particular flea and tick treatment before. It has already killed thousands of dogs. Stay away from it. Use what you want, but I am happy with a pyrethrin-based shampoo. As a general rule of thumb, use outside drugs for outside bugs and inside drugs for inside bugs.

The good news is that a reader writes to say that her heart worm-infected German Shepherd is now clear and healthy after 3 cycles of the Doxycycline and many doses of Ivermectin. She writes that she got the Doxycycline off-shore as I suggested, and that the Ivermectin was dirt cheap following my directions. "The blood tests were the most expensive part of the whole deal."

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Buenzlihund said...

Is the milbemycin or the spinosad the culprit in Trifexis? Reading this it made me wonder if my dog's problems, very similar to the descriptions of owners with affected pets, came from his milbemycin treatments...