Tuesday, March 20, 2018


IMAGINE that the children and grandchildren of bulldog breeders were all born with the human equivalent of what they inflict on dogs -- brachycephalia and achondroplastic dwarfism.

IMAGINE that the children and grandchildren of hairless Chinese Crested breeders were born with ectodermal dysplasia and the dental, skin and eye problems that come with that genetic load.

IMAGINE that the children and grandchildren of German Shepherd breeders were born with twisted and dysplastic hips.

IMAGINE that the male children and grandchildren of the Dalmatian breeders who reject back-cross dogs were born with uric acid stones so severe they have to suffer a urethrostemy, in which their scrotum is removed, and their urinary tract is permanently relocated to the base of their penis so they can urinate like a female.

IMAGINE that if it was deemed good enough for the dog, it would be good enough for their owners and their families.


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Peter Apps said...

Better yet, imagine if the deformities imposed on dogs by breeding were imposed on the people who breed them like that by a surgeon's scalpel.