Monday, March 19, 2018

Live Bald Eagle Cam Over DC Police Academy

The pair of Bald Eagles nesting 110 feet over the DC Police Academy are named "Liberty" and "Justice" and their second chick hatched on Sunday, so I suspect "my" Bald Eagles will see pipping soon too.

Liberty and Justice had one hatchling that survived last year -- a bird that was named "Spirit' by the folks on the Interwebs.

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Jennifer said...

The closest I ever got to a bald eagle was on a dirt road in Florida. I spent a few minutes watching it drive vultures off an opossum roadkill. I tend to agree with Benjamin Franklin and JJ Audubon: not a great national symbol, being a carrion eater, bully, and thief. But the way things are going with POTUS45, perhaps a fitting symbol.