Friday, December 11, 2015

Deer Six Weeks Later

The six-point deer I found dead in the first week of November is now a skull with antlers on, and both jaw bones intact. The bottom jaws have been afixed with a hot glue gun.

I left the deer in the woods, where bugs took off 98 percent of the flesh. A last cleaning was done with water, soap, bleach, a chisel used as a scraper, and a wire brush.  The skull was given a final spraying of oven cleaner, which is pure lye and leaves skulls coated with a clean soapy residue. This is a now a near-perfect skull.

Next project:  assemble an entire possum skeleton I found some years back.  It's been in a bag since -- a "puzzle project" I never got to. "Have glue gun, will travel..."

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