Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Pavlok Bracelet - an E-Collar for People

Pavlok works whether you trigger it, a compute triggers it (for Facebook, for example) or whether someone else triggers it (such as a wife who wants you to stop cursing).

"Pavolk uses vibration, beep, tap, and zap sensations to train your brain to dislike bad habits and prefer good ones."

Note that this bracelet is being used to break deeply entrenched long-repeated addictive behaviors. Experience with e-collars shows that when positive reinforcement for correct behavior (food, toys, attention) are combined with low levels of stimulation for unwanted behavior, the stimulation for a young dog can be so low that it cannot even be felt by most people.  "Do less soon rather than more later" works well when using an e-collar to train. That is NOT how an ecollar is being used here, however.  These are adults with deeply entrenched problem behaviors they are seeking to end quickly.  And the Pavlok bracelet, apparently, works.

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Quit biting your nails?

Quit smoking?

  Quit eating sugar?

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