Saturday, September 05, 2015

I Need Col' Brew -- Please Help Me Get One!

Please, please, please help me snatch one of these up. MUST HAVE. 
Col' Brew." It's a bottled cold-brew coffee that takes punny advantage of Colbert's name and will show up in New York City on September 8. Stumptown's Diane Aylsworth tells Eater the coffee is the same beverage found in the roaster's original cold-brew bottles. Col' Brew won't be available for purchase, but instead will be handed out for free on a limited basis in Manhattan on the day of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert premiere. It's a shame Col' Brew won't be a regular Stumptown product. The coffee would no doubt be a fine beverage option at Colbert's hypothetical bed and breakfast.

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jeff hays said...

Just for fun I am going to check EBAY Friday to see how many bottles got listed.
Not Jesus on toasted bread, but I bet they sell for a few bucks. JESUS ON TOAST sold for thousands, and spawned a new TOASTER INDUSTRY,you can now order toasters with custom pictures, including your own face.
inventive folks those toaster toasterers.