Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Does the Breed Standard Require a Rape Rack?

Remember when Michael Vick got busted for dog fighting, and they found "rape racks" in his basement?

What's a rape rack?

It's exactly what it sounds like -- a rack to which a female dog is bound while a male dog mounts her from behind.

In the case of Pit Bulls, the rape racks are supposedly necessary because "some females don't want to be mounted by any old male." Imagine!

Of course, a rape rack is not just used on "awkward bitches," is it?

No, it turns out that's it's also used on dogs that are so deformed they cannot even have sex on their own.

Take a look at the picture at top, or the score posted here where this breed-blind fellow has come up with his own version of a rape rack for British Bulldogs.

Of course he doesn't call it a "rape rack" does he?

No, the more politically correct term is "mating cradle."

And why do you need such a thing? Simple: because the British Bulldogs is a complete and utter mess. As I noted in an earlier post:
"The famed English Bull Dog ... is mostly Chinese pug -- a show ring creation with legs so deformed it can barely walk, a jaw so undershot it cannot grab a Frisbee, and with a face so brachycephalic it cannot breathe. Add to these problems a deformed intestinal system (a by-product of achondroplasia or dwarfism) which makes the dog constantly fart, and a pig tail prone to infection, and you have a dog that considers its own death a blessed relief."

But wait, there's more.

Did you know that the Bulldog is now a "Top Five Breed" in the American Kennel Club?


And for those know-nothings who claim it's only recent "exaggerations" that have led the British Bulldog to be incapable of having sex, giving birth, or actually running across a field, consider this from Rawdon Briggs Lee, an authority on bulldogs writing in 1894:

"It is known that time plays grim jokes on historical monuments.

There has probably never been a dirtier joke, however, than the one played on our national symbol, the English Bulldog.... The lunacy of breeding for extreme exaggeration, for extreme foreheads and huge skulls, for totally exaggerated low-slung front legs, for shoulders pointing outwards at almost a right angle, for Bulldogs with a front wider than that of the opposing bull. None of this used to be the case and only recently came into fashion."

So there you have it: the British Bulldog has been a basket case for more than 115 years!

And what has the Kennel Club (either American or British) done about it?


To which I would only ask one question .... Does the breed standard require a rape rack?


Jescargill said...

I suspect that more of the brachycephalic, crippling conformationally disgusting breeds will become popular over time simply because they're so malformed they CANNOT be exercised - thus appealing to extremely lazy people.

geonni banner said...

Back in 1990 I saw a rape rack being advertised in the Dog World magazine classified pages. The trade name of the "device" was "The Bitch Hitch." I'm sure there must have been a bunch of complaints, because the ad only appeared in one issue and then disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the bulldog's popularity, I've come to believe that its myriad health problems only serve to enhance it among a non-trivial segment of the public.

There is just a complete disconnect for them, between the suffering of the pet they adore and the actual cause, which is at least in part, their own attraction to caring for an animal so physically compromised and pathetically dependent.

I don't think much will change until the choice of owning a bulldog, like wearing a fur coat, is thoroughly stigmatized. Stigmatizing the breeding practices barely impacts the mindset of these folks, some of whom are even more driven to "rescue" a bulldog as a result, funding the purchase of old breeding stock from puppy mills.

Amy Nexus said...

I find it incredibly disgusting that they even do live covers with brachy breeds. The best sires' sperm is now routinely frozen; be they bulls, stallions or dogs. This is done for obvious reasons, it's easier to fly frozen sperm cross-continental than a dog with his handler. No need to fly the bitch, either. It also prolongs the longevity of a sire, and prevents injuries that can and do happen during live covers. It helps with transitioning a dog from kennelling to living in a house if they can be neutered, hunting and working dogs as well as show, and they can still continue to 'breed' if their progeny is desirable. It's not that expensive and is incredibly common, it's not even considered to be new technology any more. Have these brachy breeders never heard of IVF? rape racks still?!? good grief!


IVF generally produces smaller litters in dogs so isn't practical at all even though it is logical that it would work better than 'live cover'. I'm happy it doesn't work well. A dog should be able to do the biz. It's not a turkey. But nobody worries where their christmas turkey comes from now do they.

Mary Pang said...

So much for the joy of sex.