Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Canine Neo-Nazis Have Their Panties in a Twist

Jemima Harrison sent me, and a few others, a link and a very brief note:

Absolutely nothing to do with me. Wonder who, though?  Patrick, they've used your "Darwin's Nightmare" image.

Curious, I took a look.

It seems a PeTA clone (PeTA claims it is not them) is having a go at the Kennel Club and Crufts, comparing it to the British National Party.


Now, as anyone with a search engine knows, I am hardly a PeTA supporter. They are morons, direct mail con artists, and flim-flam operators of the first order.

That said, even a blind and brain-damaged pig can find an acorn of truth if they spend enough time in the woods.

I wrote back to Jemima:

They lifted the Darwin's Nightmare bit AND the picture of Nick Griffin wearing a rosette, AND the picture of the blonds with the Afghans.

No problem.

My only complaint is that they missed actually getting in the real history of dogs and the Nazis and Leon F. Whitney.

If anyone asks, I would be glad to give an interview ;-)   Might as well REALLY piss the KC off, as I know the history and it's not quite as pure as driven snow is it?

No, the KC did not make the Nazis (or vice versa), but it's the same roots to rotten thinking... and the same solutions in the end -- sterilization, gas chambers, and not a drop of foreign blood!

I thought that was the end of it, but just now I have been sent a link to a twitter post from Nick Griffin himself!  

No, I am not making this up.  Amazing! 

You will notice two things right away -- the first being that Nick Griffin cannot read, and the second that he cannot write a simple sentence without engaging in race-baiting.

We know Nick Griffin cannot read, because the web site that seems to have his over-tight panties in a twist is actually NOT anti-pet ownership at all; it's pro-rescue and pound dog.

It's PRO-dog.  It simply celebrates rescue and diversity.

And guess what?

So do I!

Am I an "animal liberationist"? Ha!   Not exactly.  

I not only eat meat and wear leather shoes, but I hunt with terriers (barbarian!), and I not only kill animals (troglodyte!), but I do it up close (sadist!) and personal (ectoplasm!) and I make no apologies for it (Visigoth!).   Hell, I have even written a book to tell others how to hunt with terriers (propagandist!)

But, of course, when you have losing arguments you want to change the subject, and here too we find the Kennel Club, the AKC, and the British National Party have much in common.

Anyone who would dare point out the intellectual and even historical connections between these two must be "anti-pet" (and never mind if they own and rehome dogs), or "animal liberation nuts" (and never mind if they hunt for sport, and eat meat as well).  

What's next?   Perhaps someone would like to accuse me of homosexuality and necrophilia?   I assure you it's all been done before, and I have to say my wife is much amused!  Go ahead and visit the Captain Haddock insult generator.  Say anything to change the subject, which is that the British National Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the Kennel Club, and the American Kennel Club all spring from the same intellectual roots.

Don't believe it?

Read my article in Dog's Today on the subject:

Today, most of the world has renounced the idea that people are better or worse based on skin color.

No thinking person salutes sterilization or infanticide as a way to improve the human race, nor do they honor the notion that we should have centralized control of breeding in order to achieve racial purity.

"Fitter family" contests have gone the way of the buggy whip. The "one drop of foreign blood" test of racial identity has faded into obscurity.

Even on our farms cattle, chickens and sheep are more likely to be hybrids than not.

Everywhere, except in the world of dogs.

In the world of dogs, The Kennel Club and the AKC still hold "breed purity" as the be-all and end-all of their existence.

Here coat color and texture still matter more than physical health or performance in the field.

If some of the puppies in your litter are not quite up to show quality, sterilization is the answer. A "spay-neuter contract” is the term of art in the Kennel Club.

Change "the standard" of some breeds to get rid of dapple or merle coats associated with congenital deafness?


Outcross to improve health?


Coat color matters. Breed purity matters. Sterilization and euthanasia are the solution.

And if anyone asks about the history of all this, express outrage.

The Kennel Club did not invade the Sudetenland!

For more information, visit my posts on The Eugenics Man and the Kennel Club and From Bassets to Auschwitz in 50 Years: What the Eugenics Movement Learned from Dog Breeders, and Vice Versa.

And for those who want a few cherrys on top, I offer this and this.

I have no idea who created this BNP-Crufts web site.  Though I do think he or she should have added a bit about the true history that connects the Kennel Club and the eugenics movement (how about a link to the Dog's Today article?),  I have to tip my hat to them for an excellent job of pure Black Belt Kung Fu public relations.

Now if only the Kennel Club's crack-shot incompetents will "pull a Barbara Streisand," this little campaign may yet go viral.  

Let's put it on TV.   Let's make Crufts, the Kennel Club, the AKC, and Westminster toxic brands.

And NO, while I had nothing to do with this web site (never talked or emailed with anyone about it ever and I have no idea who created it), I am more than willing to talk about how they got it exactly right if anyone wants to "teach the controversy" over at ABC or the BBC or in the print press.

May I suggest Kennel Club spokesperson Caroline Kisko as my opposite in a debate? She's perfect -- the right person in the right job, and no doubt it will help that her husband is a BNP member, so she can get her talking points right on that score too.


HTTrainer said...

You might even find it amusing that oenologists are getting concerned about genetic diversity.
Wine? Plants? Yep, on page 2 of the jan 24 2011 Science Section of the NYT "Lack of Sex Among Wine Grapes Saps Its Genetic Health" by Nicholas Wade.
I am sorry if you spat out your drink on that note, but it's just so bizarre that wine growers are more concerned than dog breeders.

PBurns said...

You just KNOW the title writer at the New York Times was damn proud of that one! Not quite as good as
"headless body found in topless bar" but pretty darn good nonetheless.

Romany Dog said...

hi Pat,
If the website was created by PeTA or a similar organization, chances are Nick Griffin is correct, in that their ultimate goal IS "total animal liberation" meaning no interaction between animals and humans other than humans observing animals in the wild. PeTA suckers in animal lovers by tugging at their heartstrings regarding all the animals dying in shelters, but it states clearly on their website that they believe that pet ownership is "an abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation." And that is why I will never support PeTA even if I agree with them on certain issues.

Jemima Harrison said...

Hmm. Shouldn't it be "saps THEIR genetic health."?

Feelin' picky...

PBurns said...

Romany Dog, the forces of EVIL in this world are smiling. They hope and count on folks being easily manipulated. They don't want people to think or to use their eyes and common sense.

PeTA counts on this, same as the Kennel Club and the Ku Klux Klan and the British National Party.

All sides are looking for folks like you who are a bit too busy (or lazy) to engage in critical thinking.

Romany Dog, why not search this web site and see what I have to say about PeTA? I actually suggested that in this post, didn't I?

You might start here >>

What's funny to me is how massively confused you are about the world of dogs.

You see, inbreeding for disease and pain causes MASSIVE MISERY, and selection for defect leaves dogs CRIPPLED AND ruined the world over.

This is reality, this is fact, and it happens MILLIONS of times a year.

But you have decided to ignore that in this post and, I suspect, in life as well.

Instead, you have decided to hyper-ventilate about PeTA even though the web site that I have sited is NOT produced by PeTA, and even though it is very clearly PRO dog.

You have ignored reality for fantasy.


Have you ever even met a PeTA member?

I never have, and I live in the state where they are headquartered, and I have knocked around Washington, D.C. all day long in the public policy arena for over 30 years. I write about dogs and hunt them too and my name is the phone book. But nothing from PeTA. Not even a sighting. These people do not exist in the real world.

And yet this direct mail con job of an organization, which exists only to do media stunts which are instantly dismissed by all, is something you have decided to imbue with tremendous power.

It is laughable.

Do you REALLY think PeTA has the power to end pet ownership in this country or any country? Do you have ANY IDEA how many dogs are in this country?

And look at what an embarassing thing you have done as a consequence of this conflated nonsenence you have swallowed and repeated.

You have dismissed REAL CANINE PAIN and REAL MISERY AT EPIC RATES, even as you have run screaming like a little girl from a contrived notion -- that PeTA could end pet ownership.

And then, to add a truly ugly side to it, you have decided it is a fine thing to stand next to Nick Griffin and the British National Party, which is like standing next to someone in a full Ku Klux Klan robe, complete with hood.

Now here's the thing. I will bet you are not a white supremacist OR a fool who thinks inbreeding for pain and selection for defect is a good idea. You are simply someone who, in a busy life, is easily distracted, and perhaps a little gullible too. It's easy to fall back to repeating what anonymous wannabes tell you on list-servs. It's hard to remember to look around and actually COUNT all the people you know with sick pure bred dogs and compare it to the complete absence of people you know who are actually PeTA members.

But DO look around.

Count how many dogs are in your neighborhood... count how many members of Congress own dogs.... count how many presidents have owned dogs.... how many Supreme Court justices own dogs... how many members of your state legislature.

And then ask yourself this question: WHEN WILL I STAND FOR THE DOGS?

When will I stand and say the institutionally sanctioned misery the Kennel Clubs inflict on dogs has to end?

And then ask yourself when you will put your REAL NAME to that statement?


Romany Dog said...

Um...I actually know a lot of people (on Facebook, not in real life lol) who support PETA. And I know a lot of people who have sick purebreds. And I align myself nether with PETA nor with the breeders of those sick purebreds.

Here is an analogy for you--what if there were an organization that purported to be all about Mexican-American rights and providing opportunities for Mexican-Americans...but it stated clearly on their website that their end goal is to wipe all Mexican-Americans off the face of the earth? Well, I would not support that organization even if we happened to agree on certain issues. And that's how I feel about PETA.

Shame on you for assuming that just because I don't support PETA, I must support the Kennel Club and sick purebred dogs!

And you have no idea who is responsible for that website. Unfortunately, most people who care enough to do something like that, something antagonistic and extreme, in my experience, DO tend to be animal rights/animal liberation types. I certainly wouldn't assume it was NOT created by an animal rights person. Why do you feel comfortable making that assumption?

Also I think your response to me could be construed as "hyperventilating" a bit more than my original post. LOL.

PBurns said...

Sorry -- been out of order for the last few days as my father has been in hospital with some health issues. Still there in fact, but I hope (think) he might get out tomorrow.

Romany, you have had to invent an organization and a debate, same as PeTA. PeTA is just a direct mail mill, and this post is not about PeTA but about the common roots of the eugenics movement and the Kennel Clubs. Simple enough and a point that has been well documented on this site. See >>

It does not sound like we disagree, other than on the issue of changing the subject. My point is that changing the subject is exactly WHY dogs are in a mess (and Egypt too until last week). To extende the analogy, for 30 years the Egyptians have been asking for free speech and free elections and everytime they raise the issue, Mubarak said: "But what about the Muslim Brotherhood" as if that was the answer to the question. In a similar way, every time anyone raises the issue of inreeding and selection for defect and the wreckage that is the Kennel Club, the apologists say "you sound like PeTA." At some point, I think we have to stop jumping at shadows. I do not fear PeTA -- I dismiss them as the joke they are. What I fear is that people will not stand up and speak up about what the Kennel Clubs have done to dogs.

Romany Dog said...

Sorry, I thought you were deliberately not posting my comment. And I'm sorry about your dad! I get your point about changing the subject. I agree it is very important to continue to raise awareness of all the problems with purebred dogs. The focus on purity of bloodlines even when it means sick dogs is just not right and needs to change.

PBurns said...

Hoping (and waiting) for a second round of brain surgery as successful as the first 18 months ago. My father is still in hospital but is supposed to come home tomorrow with my mother. His brain is as great as ever, but his locomotion is failing him. Fixed it once, now let's do it again!

Seahorse said...

Good luck to the elder Mr. Burns. Hope everything goes well.