Monday, August 30, 2010

Gideon Bolts His First Groundhog

Gideon bolted his first groundhog yesterday.

The sette was an enormous multi-eye labyrinth in a never-plowed field, and the groundhog went back to ground in another part of the sette, but by then I was done digging in the searing sun. It was 88 degrees in the shade acording to my cell phone, but I was not digging in the shade!

I packed it up, to try elewhere, and we hit the nearby forest. The dogs found some more holes, but after another hour of noodling around, I called it a day and headed back home to finish some writing. Deadlines!

Gideon has the most remarkable range of sounds that come out of him. He yodels, wails, barks, and makes a sound with his mouth that sounds like he's got serious indigestion. Very comical.

I have to say Gideon has already proven to be quite a wonderful dog. He loves kids, does great with the other dogs, readily goes to ground, and does not range very far when we are out in the field. Pretty perfect.

I can hardly wait until it gets a little cooler!


Marie said...

Way to go Gideon! So glad he's coming along so nicely for you.

Seahorse said...

Somebody's smitten...Great to hear!

Seahorse :))

seeker said...

I'm so glad he's working so well for you and with the other dogs. He seems to be a very special Jack Russell. Would love to have a video of him up on You tube. I'd really want to hear the 'sounds' that Gideon makes.

Debi and the Texas JRTs

GreenGrrl said...

Yay for Gideon.

I'm cracking up at your description of his sounds. My APBT is practically a mute. I can go weeks without hearing a single sound from her, but when she does make a noise (aside from the odd "hey, there's a bear outside, can I go chase it off?" bark), it's complex yodels. Company is not only amused by her wiggling antics, but the flat out bizarre noises she will make to garner the attention of dog loving strangers.

3Laiki said...

I can't wait to see him in action! We've got amusing sounds around this place too - there's a reason Tangent has been nicknamed "The KAZOO"!