Monday, August 30, 2010

February 1959 Predicts the Library of the Future

Here's a pretty great little illustration and description that came out only two days before I was born.

This is from a futuristic newspaper strip drawn by Arthur Radebaugh and called Closer Than We Think.

"Some unusual inventions for home entertainment and education will be yours in the future, such as the 'television recorder' that RCA's David Sarnoff described recently. With this device, when a worthwhile program comes over the air while you are away from home, or even while you're watching it, you'll be able to preserve both the picture and sound on tape for replaying at any time. Westinghouse's Gwilym Price expects such tapes to reproduce shows in three dimensions and color on screens as shallow as a picture."

I particulary like the line at the end: "Next week: Troop transport capsules!"

This is from a pretty great little blog called Paleo-Future. Check it out!

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heather said...

Oh but where would we be without the dreamers? My favorite is Lawnchair Larry, who actually got a Darwin Award WHILE STILL ALIVE and uninjured!

A load of intellectual weight is hauled by jackasses!