Saturday, May 22, 2010

Autotune Wolves are Better Than Lady Gaga

I hate Lady Gaga, so the bar is pretty low, but this is still pretty cool. The video clip has a note that says:

"This song was created automatically by LaDiDa, using only real wolf howls as audio input, from the actual video clips shown here. No tricks. Just some clever artificial intelligence."

LaDiDa is, apparently, an I-phone application. Nice!.


scribemjp said...

Okay, I admit I love Lady GaGa (not 'Telephone', but 'Bad Romance' I think is brilliant!)...

...but you are right, the wolves ROCK!

Bjarne´s aquarium blogg said...

Well I can´t hear any real wolf howls only artifical......remids me of Hm..Lady Gaga