Monday, May 24, 2010

The Best Great Sword Ad You Will See All Day

This is the best Great Sword promotional video you will see all day. This little beauty costs only $318 and it appears to be worth every dime.

Suggest your butcher buy one and put on a performance in his shop window; sure to boost business!


Gina said...

Silly me. I didn't even realize there WAS a "Sword World," much less that they were collectively overlooking a piece of such magnificence in its ability to create carnage.

aficat said...

For a second there I thought this was an ad for that Spike tv show where they have ninjas vs pirates and the marines vs nazis and other crazy matchups. The whole show is stuff like this plus a ton of smack talk.

PBurns said...

I had no idea there was a sword world either. Hi-tech means high-geek in a dungeons-and-dragons kind of way.


Isaac said...

A 9 minute video and I just...kept...watching!

I love the part where he slices through the pig leg and says, "This is why you buy a great sword, look at how it slices right through the flesh and bone"...yes, that's exactly why I need a sword! And then later, "With one of these by your front door, you'll be force to be reckoned with!" Indeed.

I want one! Looks to be great fun at parties!

Anton said...

What a shocking waste of pork. The meat in boots was ridiculous, not as funny as the balloon.
I'd feel pretty safe with a swiss army knife against these guys with that sword. I'd just run untill they fall on their own metal.
The amount of facial hair combined with obesity was also amusing. I kept waiting for the main guy to loose his swing and chop his own head off.
oh man in my house I wouldnt even be able to move it backwards to front haha. Looks more like a lance then a sword too hehe.
Also intersting, the guy that does arm lifts with the sword. it bends pretty bad, and then they dont show him get off the with the thing, they just cut to a new shot. How stupid do they think we are. hmm guess we are not the intended audience ;)

Neutrino Cannon said...

Cold Steel videos are all hilarious. This one is particularly amusing:

Note that "digging" is near the end of possible uses for their shovel.

PBurns said...

Having seen these old Soviet shovels in action, I would say "digging" is just about the last thing you could use that shovel for! Another seriously "selling" ad, if you know what I mean!


Seahorse said...

The next time I'm assailed by a piece of pork, I'll be sorry I laughed at this. I thought the meat-stuffed cowboy boots made a for a great visual, though, lol.

There are many weird sub-cultures in this world. Back in the pre-internet dark ages (yes children, i r olde) I sought out the Barbie People, as I had Barbie and her stuff to vend. There was no ebay (GASP!), but They were out there. It was hilarious, and I made nice change in the bargain.


HTTrainer said...

Now what can this do that a Samuri sword can't?

an American in Copenhagen said...

You were right, that *was* the best sword ad I saw all day today.

Viatecio said...

Anton pretty much said what I was thinking... "The amount of facial hair combined with obesity was also amusing." Dude looks like he took a 5 minute primer before he picked that thing up. He just looks so...awkward.

There are some cool things in DnD/WoW world that make for some great eye candy, but I do prefer my swords and whatnot to be practical. Which means I'll probably never have them. I'll stick with my gun, thanks.

Bartimaeus said...

Yeah, Viatecio, I had the same thought-when they said "no one will be able to take advantage of you with one of these next to your door", I thought there is a reason (firearms) why no one other than collectors and reenactors has swords anymore.

PBurns said...

It not the beer belly or the fake castle that gets me. It's the tie! The tie puts it over the edge.


Seahorse said...

I finally realized what it reminds me of! It's just like the "Rex Kwon Do" scene in "Napoleon Dynamite"!

In this, the tie is replaced by a doo-rag and some great Star-Spangled "bad boys". ;)


Gina said...

"It not the beer belly or the fake castle that gets me. It's the tie! The tie puts it over the edge."

Are you kidding? The man's clearly a professional. Show a little respect.