Friday, May 21, 2010

God is an Aversive Trainer?

Yesterday I posted a long piece entitled The Radical Notion of Consequences in which I noted:

Well-timed rewards and praise are the basis of most training.

But not all learning is accompanied by rewards, is it?

For humans, domestic animals, and even wild animals, powerful aversive experiences also educate.

A fox may get a ripped muzzle, a cow a shock from an electric fence, a horse a mouth full of nettles, a young man a police arrest or black eye.

Live and learn. Such is life.

This mornings edition of The Daily Mail has a nice visual example in an article entitled, Pecking order: Jackal is nipped on the nose after trying to snatch hungry vulture's scrap of meat.

See the whole array of pictures at the link, but the money shot is below: aversive training in the wild.

A bite on the nose: lesson learned!


YesBiscuit! said...

If that vulture had any HUMANITY, he would have clicked at the right moment and given the jackal a treat.

Seahorse said...

Clearly, this is the Old Testament God in action. ;)


Viatecio said...

How abusive! A REAL god would use fluffy bunnies, rainbows and unicorn farts to gently redirect the jackal away from the vulture. The vulture could've helped him by applying gentle pressure to move through body language, respectful requests, and if that doesn't work, then the jackal needs privileges taken away and a stern talking-to. And then peace shall reign amongst the friendly citizens of the wilderness.

Obviously, if doG uses vultures as training tools amongst His peaceful forest critters, then such things are cruel and must henceforth be banned in every country.