Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Terrierman in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

A hat tip to outdoor columnist Bill Marchell who mentioned the trap release page we have on the web site in his recent column in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

It's still trapping season out there folks, so if you are walking over unknown farms, keep a close eye on your dog and know how to get your dog out of both a leghold AND a conibear trap.


C.L. Quigley said...

I sincerely appreciate your page on how to release traps, as well as all of your blog postings about the various traps and how to release them. I have a 75 lb. German Shepherd, and we go hiking on public land daily. Once, we came across a bobcat in a trap, so we know traps are out there where we hike. Folks do not always abide by laws, so knowing how to open them and keeping an eye out for them all year long are important. I have a "dog blog" of my own, and I have linked you in my post, as your page seems to be the most clear and most informative out there. I hope this is ok. I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work in your blog. Sincerely, Christina (Buoyant Dog)

PBurns said...

Thanks for the note and the link Bouyant Dog -- the more information like this gets out there, the less problems there might be for the dogs.