Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too Close to True



Anonymous said...

The only tigers that are "wild" are the those belonging to the fellow in the Discovery Channel who "released" some tigers he had "trained to hunt."

Of course, they aren't wild. They kept in a glorified zoo, which is a boon to that fellow's bank account.

Why do people think there are native tigers in Africa?

PBurns said...

The same reason they think Darfur is in the Congo, LOL.

It was the tiger bit that made this funny!


Bigshrimp said...

Sudan is in the wrong place.....which makes this even more funny :o)

Heather Houlahan said...

Whut's a Sudan?

I thot they drive Land Rovers in Africa.

So they can see all the tigers on the safari.

My captcha today is "cousnest" which I think is probably a very dirty word.