Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama as Commander in Chief

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retrieverman said...

I see Thomas Jefferson isn't on there.

He took it to some pirates, though, in North Africa-- "Halls of Tripoli."

Heather Houlahan said...

I believe Thomas Jefferson still holds the title on these.

My word today is smadrac. Smadrac makes me happy.

PBurns said...

Actually, the first kicker of Pirate Ass was George Washington, and he did it by signing a treaty with the King of Morocco who did the ass-kicking for him. That's the way to get her done! Morocco has been America's oldest friend and is our oldest treaty partner.


sfox said...

How about Teddy Roosevelt in the incident in Morocco immortalized in "The Wind and the Lion"? The American Marines didn't kill The Raisuli himself (the Last of the Barbary Pirates and, after all, he WAS played by Sean Connery), but probably accounted for some of his men.

HTTrainer said...

Retrieverman has forgotten the Marine Corps Hymn.