Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dog Food Politics

"The Republican brand is so bad right now that if it were a dog food, they'd take it off the shelf."
Rep. Tom Davis, (R-Virginia)

In other new bits and bites
, I note that John McCain is trying to get America energized with REALLY ugly T-shirts sold at incredibly expensive prices ($50!!).

Now there's a marketing strategy!

For some reason, we are supposed to believe that T-shirts made from bamboo are better for the environment than those made from organic cotton.

And no, I am not sure why.

On the upside, you can get an
entire Barack Obama action pack (a great looking T-shirt, a big car magnet, 5 bumper stickers, a rally sign, 5-buttons, and 50 stickers) for just $35.

Hmmm. What product and price structure says "elite" and which one says "real world?"

For those who want to make the most direct statement, you can do that by just clicking here.

1 comment:

Caveat said...

The only green Republicans are the ones from Mars...

Obama's strategy is a good one. He knows people will share with their friends. It's probably below cost at $35 but you can't buy that kind of advertising.

Man, I love that guy. I hope everybody else does, too.

btw Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I noticed it the other day. Much appreciated!