Monday, February 25, 2008

Obama: Where's the Beef?

Steven Pearlstein, a business page columnist for The Washington Post has written a rock-solid piece on Barack Obama entitled: "Here's the Beef".

"During the course of our endless presidential campaigns, lots of silly things are said by the candidates and the press. But few are more ridiculous than the idea that Barack Obama is just an empty suit.

"We're talking here about a former president of the Harvard Law Review. Have you ever met the people who get into Harvard Law School? You might not choose them as friends or lovers or godparents to your children, but -- trust me on this -- there aren't many lightweights there. And Obama was chosen by all the other overachievers as top dog. Compared with the current leader of the free world, this guy is Albert Einstein."

4Read the whole thing. Then go to the link and read the position papers. Knock yourself out, and then pass it on.

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