Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hair Dye Rots Your Brain

Hair dye rots your brain.

Everyone knows that. Dumb blonde jokes have gained traction for a long time for a pretty good reason.

Further evidence can be found by looking at the plethora of spokes-idiots that have "stood up" for PETA -- dimwits such as the dyed, injected, and lifted Pamela Lee, the vacuous Christina Applegate, the faded blossom that was once Alicia Silverstone, and the tattooed, pierced, and shocking "Pink" who seems to be a bit of a gender-bender fantasy for nearly everyone, and who also likes wearing high leather boots (God bless her).

Now, to put jelly on the mutton comes the latest news: It seems Madonna has dyed a bunch of her sheep pink for a Vogue photoshoot at her Wiltshire estate.

The RSPCA, which seems to have nothing better to do, has expressed outrage that Madonnas's sheep were dyed various cool colors, saying that "even though the dye may be safe for the animals, those who copy this stunt might not be so careful."

Huh? What the Hell? This is a problem? Are there armed gangs of roving lunatics roaming the English countryside and "improperly" dying sheep? Is there a "proper" way of dying sheep?

Surely I am making this up? Sadly, I am not.

It seems the RSPCA is very concerned about dyed sheep. They have put this front and center even though it is perfectly safe, as they themselves admit.

Meanwhile, animal rights lunatics have found nothing necessarily wrong with having sex with animals provided "no animal is harmed in the making of this movie." PETA guru Peter Singer has said so, and PETA itself has given a cautious endorsement.

And, as I recall, the ever-vigilant RSPCA was dead silent when Madonna came out with those pictures of her and the dog in that all-metal-covered sex book of hers.

And no, my copy is not for sale. Try Ebay.

The mind crumbles.



Caveat said...

Ha ha ha the twits are reaching dizzying new heights of buffoonery!

I've always thought that wool was ideal for dying, although I am fond of the natural greys.

I guess Clairol et al had best be warned that the media are about to launch another major fear-mongering campaign (pickings have been slim lately) about dying the strands of cellulose that emerge from our scalps. Do not try this at home, folks!

When everybody stops dying their hair, it will be nice to have company, since I can't believe I'm the only natural 'platinum blonde' in town :>)

Thanks for the chuckle. Peta - always good for a (horse) laugh.

btw I would have gone for a softer pink...

gabboon said...

they die them pink now for our amusemtn. it catches on and soon sheep dyed all sorts of pastel are given as Easter gifts. A month later when they are still not housetrained and getting too big to share the bed, all those sheep are dumped on all those shelters run by PETA and HSUS. Of course they are upset.

I'm one sarcastic SOB!