Thursday, November 29, 2007

Counting Things

aCounting "Authority":
The Terrierman blog recently slipped past the 60 count on the Technorati Authority meter (whatever that is), which is not too much compared to Blue Crab Boulevard (414), 2Blowhards (273) or the Pet Connection Blog (168), but the secret to my happiness has always been to keep my expectations very low. So let me just say: "Mission accomplished!"

aVisitors to the Terrierman Blog:
The blog counter in the right gutter has registered 225,000 visitors from 173 countries since April of this year. Still not much love from Togo or Madagascar, but I am hoping to generate a huge surge of interest from stone-age countries in Africa before the end of the year.


1 comment:

Dan & Margaret said...

Geez Patrick.. we're going to throw off your stats. Because of our nomading lifestyle we'll show up as Jacksonville, Calhoun GA, Dauphine Island AL, Baton Rouge, Livingston TX, and a whole bunch of other locations.. just from November and December. 8^)