Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They'll Never Find It?

This dog food can is not really dog food, but a supposedly "safe" place where you can hide your valuables.

But what of real value can you hide in a can this small? If you are willing to spend $19.95 plus shipping from Amazon for something this silly, you probably don't have too much money to start with.

Besides, who feeds their dogs canned dog food anymore? That stuff went out with buggy whips -- quite literally.

For more on the history of canned dog food, see this earlier post.


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H. Houlahan said...

If you have one of those side-opening can openers that slices the top of a can off very neatly through the seal itself, you can make your own one of these for about $0. It's pretty much impossible to see that the can has been opened. If you wanted to, you could glue the lid back on, too.

Who still feeds canned dog food? A trip to any grocery store or pet food store would suggest a whole lot of people. I don't think all those shelf-feet of canned pet food is going unsold.