Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clueless ... Clueless ... Clueless ... Naked

You're the fading star of a couple of forgettable movies and your time in the limelight has come ... and gone.

So what do you do now? Well, you could follow the well-trod path of other clueless bimbos and try to jimmy up a news headline by getting naked. Playboy magazine makes a small pile of money featuring naked celebs, and so too have other skin magazines from Maxim to Stuff.

But desperate naked ambition looks so ... cheap. Taking your clothes off for money is a lot like being a whore. Are there other options? Well, sure! You can get naked for a cause; you can get naked for PETA.

Which is exactly what the star of the movie "Clueless" has done. With her own flowery youth apparently beginning to wilt at age 30, Alicia Silverstone has decided to try to resurect her career by getting "buck-nekkid" for a cause. Or just because. Whatever. She's naked. And still clueless.

Who the hell is Alicia Silverstone, some of you may be asking. What, you never saw "Clueless"? Me either. How about "Beauty Shop," "Excess Baggage," or "Blast from the Past?" No? Me either. On the upside the word is that she's going to star in an NBC sitcom called "The Singles Table," only . . . uhhh . . . it hasn't been picked up yet. Maybe midseason. Or not. One thing for certain, it's Get Nekkid Time!


Anonymous said...

she's the girl from the Aerosmith videos of the early 90s (?)

so where will this nekkid appearance be?

FrogDogz said...

I almost hate to post this, because PETA considers *all* press to be good press, but -

Silverstone's PETA ad banned in Texas
IANS | Friday, 21 September , 2007, 09:26
London : Actress Alicia Silverstone's ad for People For Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is banned in Houston, Texas, because she bares all in it.

The cable executives thought a naked Silverstone, who talks about vegetarianism in the ad, was too much for viewers in Texas, reports

PETA chose to showcase the ad first in Texas because the state's leading cities "repeatedly rank among the least healthy in America."