Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Challenge to All Breeders

A Challenge to Breeders: Let's see if we can change the culture and lead through positive exampe. Let's prove that it's not all about money and that we really care about dogs. Here's how: Put a link on the Home Page of your web site that connects directly to your breed's rescue. Put it right underneath the link that now says "Available" or "Our Boys," or "Our Girls." If you also want to put up a link to a general dog rescue, go ahead, but be sure to first put up a link to your breed's rescue.

Want to help more? Put a link to this post on every dog list-serv and canine bulletin board you are on. Tell folks "I did it," give the URL of your own web site, and see how many others follow.


LabRat said...

That's one of the reasons I knew I'd found someone worthwhile when I found my dogs' breeder- she has already done this, both state and national.

Happily, both of the "how to choose a breed" books I have (which used to be, as a genre, mostly catalogues that presented all breeds as exotic and potentially desirable) push breed rescue as well.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea! It seems to me that you could almost create a "name and shame" web site full of "heroes and zeros." Breeders with links to breed rescue would be "heroes," and those without would be "zeroes." It would be a big project to cover every breed, but the breed clubs and breed rescues might help maintain the lists and get a stand alone web site with all the info up at the top of Google as well. It seems to me that this idea might serve as a kind of common ground for responsible breeders and the spay-neuter-rescue folks.

David S.

FrogDogz said...

We've always had prominent links to rescue on our site. In fact, one of the first things you read is:

"We've designed this site to not only showcase our own dogs, but to help you learn more about our breeds, and about responsible pet purchasing. Whenever possible, we support the idea of adopting your new pet from rescue. You can go here to learn more about French Bulldog rescue in general."

Breeders who see rescue as 'competition' make me nauseous.

PBurns said...

Excellent frogdogz. By the way, I loved the post on "we want to breed XXC" It's going in the next roundup for folks to check out. Ya nailed it.

I'll look at the BC rescue tomorrow -- having major muscle events at the moment due to my efforts to morf by body in 100 days. No pain, no gain, but pain I def got tonight. I will say this, if you look at most breeders they seem to have "available" dogs. Not sure what that means, but I suspect it's the same thing under a different name. Cooks eat their mistakes and breeders pass them on to others or sell them wholesale to pet homes, or both.


Connemara said...

Challenge accepted and embraced. Should have done it a long time ago. I require my dogs come back to me if they are no longer wanted so I never thought to put a link to rescue before.

I don't see it as competition in any way, shape or form and agree every breeders website should have a link or two to the rescues of their breed.