Sunday, June 19, 2022

An Alarming Story in Computer Code

One of the things that invisible trackers on a web site can do is provide keyword analysis, i.e. it can tell you what folks that came to your web site from Google or Yahoo or MSN actually typed into those search engines that brought them to your web site or blog.

Tonight I looked into that section of the tracker and found the usual kind of stuff:
  • jack russell terrier and queen anne front legs
  • dogs in shelters
  • bellman & flint
  • how does a red fox defend its self
  • how to call rat terrier after it has killed his prey
  • doxycycline shelf lifetime
  • dog has developed skin allergy to urban wolf made with beef should i change to lamb
  • tulerimia history

And then, rather distubingly, I found three inquiries from India:

  • kill a mad dog poisons
  • is thallium sulfate available in shop
  • alexander the great wife to poison him after he took a homosexual lover

I suppose this not a bad set up for a modern detective novel, but at 4 am in the morning it is simply disturbing.

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