Sunday, June 19, 2022

Liars Seek Places to Tell Lies

A picture of a white shirt and tie-wearing Chimpanzee is featured in the right margin of this blog under the title "From the Management."  The picture notes that this blog does not take ads or payola of any kind.  And yet, I continue to get this kind of drivel from grifting liars for hire:


My name is Emily and I am a blogger for multiple advertisers at Feed My Blog. We are looking for sites just like your website Terrierman's Daily Dose to publish blogs on.

We have blog projects ready and waiting which would fit perfectly on your site and we are willing to pay you a $25 contribution fee for everyone you publish to help towards the cost of running your blog.

The content is written for YOUR BLOG, not for our clients and within these blogs we'll include a few useful ‘relevant’ and natural links out along with a royalty free image fully credited… Our blog writing is pretty awesome.

Here are some examples of what we do. (These are not directly related to your blog).

Even though we will write the blogs for your site, you can pass this content as your own, and you don't have to label it as a guest post or anything like that, we'll even pay you for every post you publish to contribute to your site.

So here’s the deal:

We will write awesome blog content for your readers We will pay you $25 for every post you publish The blogs will be in an online word doc easy to copy and paste into your site We will find all the relevant images so you don’t have to We will write maybe once or twice (maybe more) per week for you

So, amazing quality content + $25 for each post you publish = Win, Win!

Let me know if you'd like to benefit from this great content. I can probably match some great placements for you within a day or so.

Let me know :-)


I also get email from folks who tell me they will send free product if I write a post endorsing their crap. Nope. Never. Get away from me.

That said, heads up. There ARE a lot of bloggers out there who do take payola and free product for endorsements and mentions.

"Pay to play" is a lot more common that you realize, especially on blogs where daily content is the norm, and there are thousands of visitors every day.

If you are reading a blog that does not carry an overt and explicit "No Payola or Product" policy, be warned.  Payola offers are pretty common, and not everything is as it appears.  I am amazed at how little cash it takes for people to lie, steal and cheat.  And let's be clear: If your endorsement can be bought for cash, you are a whore regardless of whether your price has been met.

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