Sunday, January 01, 2012

Best After-dinner Speech at a Specialty Dog Show

The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation has a wonderful bit about a judge's speech at a Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern California Specialty Show dinner, in 1967. Here's the spiel, lifed from the Kerry Blue Terrier site:

"Ellsworth Gamble was one of the most identifiable judges in the ring. He was not overly tall, but stood ramrod straight. Thin and almost 'hatchet faced,' waves of white hair topped fierce eyes. This year he had judged, for the second time in ten years, the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern California Specialty.

"In those days, a sit-down Club dinner finished off the festivities. The highlight of the dinner was always Judge's remarks on how he enjoyed and was honored to judge such magnificent animals. Well, most judges said things like that - but not Ells Gamble.

"Mr. Gamble rose, his icy stare sweeping the group. "'Ten years ago, when I judged the Kerries here I said that I felt that the quality had declined. Now, ten years later, I can honestly say that the quality of Kerries is even worse.'

"Mr. Gamble sat down, to absolute silence. Even after that, Ells Gamble was a frequent guest and speaker at KBTCNC meeting and dinners."

This is a terrific story, but I wonder how often folks in the AKC have ever wondered why their dogs are not improving? Why are more genetic problems cropping up in the dogs? Why are so few Kennel Club dogs found working in the field today?

There is an answer, and it can be found in the family tree of Charles Darwin himself. To read more >> See Here


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