Sunday, May 28, 2006

JRTCA Now Selling Mark III Deben Locator Sets

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America is now selling Deben Mark III locator sets.

This is the new and improved terrier finder and collar set from Deben. The new box is bright orange (harder to lose) has a LED display and varying pitch. A grey box is also made by Deben.

The box is said to be more-or-less water proof, but apparently the collar has to be taped (read farther to find an alternative Deven rig). The box has a 16-foot range in search mode, and can be "stepped down" to 10 feet for a very accurate "locate" mode. The collar is nylon, lightweight and durable.

The receiver is designed to reject interference and so there will be less problems with nearby electric fences and overhead lines. The receiver has magnetic reed switches (no moving parts) which operate the on/off and search/locate switched. New efficient circuitry means improved collar battery life of over 300 hours. The locator box can be used to locate more than one dog underground at a time - simply purchase additional collars.

The price is $195 a set. Click >> To order You do not have to be a JRTCA member to order from the JRTCA, but even if you do not have a Jack Russell Terrier, membership in the JRTCA is a sound investment in the future of American terrier work. To read 10 reasons to join the JRTCA >> click here

An important note: Deben has come out with a NEW long-range terrier finder that is good, in search mode, for 40-feet, and which has both a waterproof box AND a water proof collar. This is the rig I am probably going to get when my old Mark I kits (two boxes, four or five collars) go the way of all things.

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