Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blanko Day in the Heat

This 2,000 acre tract really does have groundhogs -- one from a previous walk over these same fields and woods.

Chris and I hit a new location that has yielded five groundhogs for me in the past -- all in short order. Not on this day, however.

We walked a loooong way, and found maybe two-dozen holes, but no one home. All the holes were in the woods, as the grass in the fields was tall enough to hide a Cape Buffalo. Though we fell into 2-3 field holes, locating settes in the tall grass was just not happening for us, while the heat was absolutely withering (well over 85 degrees). We mostly hunted the woods, just to stay in the shade, and I think the groundhogs have abandoned those holes for the fields.

We walked a long way over the course of about five and half hours, of which we were totally lost and bush-whacking in the woods for about two of it. And yes,it was the last two hours.

We were both pretty faded from the heat and the brush and carrying too many tools, but I was definitely more faded than Cris who is younger and in better shape. Next time, when we are on new land, we will leave the *@#% pothole diggers behind!

On the way home, as Chris followed me down the River Road, I passed a small group of bicyclists and, just over their shoulder, a groundhog was sitting up on the shoulder bank of the road.

Was he giving me the finger, and laughing? I swear he was.

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