Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to Take Giant Quarry

This picture was taken to show off my critter scale, which is nothing more than a $5 fish scale picked up at K-Mart.

Which brings me to my point: Why is it that almost all of my digs are to average-sized animals? I must be doing something wrong!

Clearly, the only way to routinely score a 30-pound raccoon or fox is to leave the camera and scales at home. I must learn from the experts! How else will I ever be able to kill 1,500 rats in an afternon with nothing but three dogs and a stick?

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Anonymous said...

I carry one tucked away in the pack but only pull it out to confirm ones that seem larger than usual. That's the reason I could post elsewhere about the "honest 14 pound groundhog".

I've found with groundhogs there's rarely a need for the hanging thong though. Their upper teeth fit nicely over the hook of the scale and hold them in place for a quick weight confirmation.