Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Bad Day in the Hayfield

"Sometime you get the hay, and sometimes you get the hay bailer."


Matt Mullenix said...

Sure that's a 'hog Patrick? Looks like a hare to me, maybe European?

Grimly funny photo, tho, whatever the poor thing was.

PBurns said...

I *WAS* pretty sure -- I've danced with a lot of groundhogs over the years, and the shape (no real neck or ears) and fur color says groundhog to me. The back leg has been rolled hard and extended and the fur rubbed off.

Then I looked again, and I see what might be ears? I look again, and I think you are right and so I have changed the caption. A good case of you see what you think you saw, never mind what it shows!

I am not sure where the pic came from -- one of those thousands of pictures on my hard drive from four computers ago. Thanks for the correction!


K9-CRAZY said...

That's what I call a bad hare day!