Monday, September 24, 2007

Pulling a Vixen

I was pretty sure this fox was dead -- but ready to release it damn quick if it wasn't!

"Even though you think it is safe to get hold of him, you should always be on guard and never give a fox an even break.... Even if he is nearly dead, he is just as dangerous and if he is not dead, he may be shamming and be very dangerous."

Eddie Chapman's excellent little book "The Working Jack Russell Terrier" has a very nice section on handling foxes that should be read carefully for those that have a fondness for all their fingers. >> To order the book

My recommendation is a pole snare -- something that seems to not be used in the UK for reasons I cannot fathom. To make your own low-cost animal control pole (and save your dog unnecessary injury and perhaps save you a round of rabies shots as well) >> click here.


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