Monday, March 21, 2005

Three Groundhogs and a Possum on a Drizzly Day

A couple of pictures from today's digs which yielded three groundhogs and a fair sized possum. It was a bit drizzly, and we had to call it quits by 4 pm due to rain, but it was a fine day in the field none the less -- the first day of Spring! None of the holes were deep, though we hit a lot of roots and I broke a saw trying to shred one with a little too much enthusiasm.

The very small groundhog in the tree hole was snared and placed up there to get him out of the way of the dogs. We introduced a few of the young dogs to this little fellow, and then left him to climb down on his own. Groundhogs can climb trees with ease and have no problem getting down them either.

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Bettina Woolbright said...

Great picture, Patrick! I just love those kind of shots! Sounds like a great day out.