Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why Anti-Hunt Vegans Should Get Sterilized

A repost from December of 2004.

Most animal rights activists do not spend much time thinking about how animals die in the woods.

Here are the options: starvation, disease, poison, ripped apart while living by a predator, and vehicle impact.

The harsh reality of the wild is that no wild animal dies quickly without human help.

In the wild animals starve due to food shortages, or they die with broken bones in ditches and pipes, or they expire curled up under bushes, their insides riddled by fever, parasites and sickness.

Cars already kill far more fox than all the mounted hunts, lurchers, and terriers combined, yet there are no major national campaigns to fund millions of wide and brushy culverts for fox to use while traversing from stream to field.

The fox "saved" from the hunt will likely die from a vehicle impact.

By the same token, the people that pale at the idea of fox hunting, seem to have no compunction about ripping up ocean ocean bottoms in order to put a few more flounder and shrimp on their already groaning plates.

"I'm a vegetarian" they say, "except for fish."

These are the folks who own free-roaming cats and think nothing of the carnage these animals inflict on baby birds, rabbits, and chipmunks.

These are the folks who give to organizations that run massive direct mail campaigns decrying hunting, oblivious to the fact that the bright-white paper used in all those mailings is derived from clearcut old-growth forests being chainsawn with abandon.

You really want to help nature?


Here's how to do that: Get yourself sterilized.

Nothing you can do will do more to save the enviroment this generation, and for a hundred years to come. Nothing you will ever do will prevent more misery to animals.



creynolds said...

Well said!

Rick said...


Scott Linden Outdoors said...

Couldn't have said it better. But I tried, last week:


Keep up the good work.

Richard Gilbert said...

Bitter and apt.

Apropos of something I read earlier here, last week I saw a large fox in London. It was gray and red and trotted down the sidewalk about 7 a.m., checked out a sidestreet's litter, and disappeared into a park.

Karen Carroll said...

During my years at NIH in the 80's One of the scientists I worked for would present this argument to the protesting AR types. They need to stop using ALL medical treatments and devices, because they have been tested on animals. Good counter argument and I still use it today.

PBurns said...

Thanks Scott -- yours is a great post and food for thought!