Wednesday, September 08, 2004

New Deben Box and Collar

Deben will be introducing a new locator box and collar in later October of 2004 -- their first upgrade in decades.

The new box will feature a "search" mode good for 20 ft. By sliding an external switch on the side of the box, it can be stepped down for depth location of 10 ft.and under.

There are no external depth controls; all the information is shown on a calibrated LED bar graph display. A clicking sound is also emitted, and it gets louder the closer you get to the collar.

A kit consisting of 1 collar and 1 locator box will cost £125 UK, or about $225 U.S. For a U.S. source, check the JRTCA web site towards the end of October.

With luck, the first collar and box may find its way over to the U.S. by the time of JRTCA Nationals which is October 22-24 at Havre de Grace, Maryland (Steppingstone Museum, Susquehanna State Park).

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