Sunday, March 12, 2023

The History is Written; The Future Is Dim

The April 2021 cover of The Field focused on terrier history. 

The future of working terriers in the UK, however, does not look bright. The island is an environmental mess where “shooting” has long replaced hunting, where hanging on to suicidal sheep economics is seen as cultural touchstone, and where direct mail liars for hire are never challenged by sound science. Nothing is registered or regulated — it’s either “go wild” or banned, and there’s not much in between, which means there is no sanction for the worst except for punishment of the whole. Bag limits? Licenses? Seasons? Apprenticeships? There’s none of that.

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Karen Carroll said...

I've found quite a few ratting videos on YouTube based in the UK. They take hundreds of rats in a session. It seems that the professional ratting terrier and their handlers is still a fairly common practice there.