Sunday, March 12, 2023

Dog Yard Gravel Is Down

Three tons of gravel shifted and spread. Actually shoveled it at least twice, so 6 to 8 tons of lifting. About two inches of hard ground covers very hard rock, and all this is covered by landscape fabric lawn-stapled to the ground. The edge next to the fence is covered with 3 feet of chicken wire that is also lawn-stapled to the ground, and then the chicken wire is topped with sak-crete. Over everything goes the pea gravel. This system has worked well for me before. This hard-fenced yard is open to the house. The dogs can rest in 10 by 30 feet of shade or loaf in 10 by 30 feet of sun. Elevated resting benches go in next. Outside the hard fenced yard is a very large area that is is a double loop invisible fence, so the wee wolves have a large play area.

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